"He address the essential questions about each occupation with enthusiasm and humor…This series highlights some interesting careers in an enjoyable manner."
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"Jonathan Levit hosts this compilation from the Career Day series that takes youngsters behind-the-scenes to look at interesting professions."
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What is Career Day?
"Career Day" is a video series which exposes kids, ages 7 and up, to fascinating, important, and cool careers, intended to open their minds to exciting worlds they may not normally see. this series is dedicated to inspiring the dreams in all of us while instilling the importance of a good education. Host Jonathan Levit, gets hands on with each career and learns from the professionals who do them. in each upbeat and energetic episode, we will give a tour of the typical work environment, learn vocabulary words and definitions, get on-the-job training and learn what education is needed to work in a chosen career.

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Downloadable PDFS for each episode, containing background information, discussion topics, and follow-up questions.

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Rescue Swimmer
Airbrush Artist